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Drink Up!

Very excited to announce the release of my Dad’s new book – Hydrate – a part of the new Simplify Your Health book series. Independently published, and now available on Amazon, this book is the culmination of a lot of hard work and research. For more info, you can visit HydrateBook.com

Who’s To Blame

Starring Pink Dollaz
Directed by PCMW
Produced by J.Nicely
for Nice & Wu Productions

Chinatown Flashback

Polaroid, no flash at night.
It was sometime around the winter of 2007 / 2008. I was living in the lower Lower East Side / Chinatown border, on the corner of Allen and Hester.

The Real Revolution

“The act of listening is really a miracle. Perhaps it’s the greatest miracle, when one can listen totally without any defense. Without any barrier.”

Ban Bayer’s Clothiandin Pesticide – Save The Bees

Recently leaked EPA documents reveal that Bayer’s Clothiandin pesticide kills honey bees. (via Earth Files)

“Clothianidin is highly toxic to honey bees.”
– Leaked EPA Document, November 2, 2010

Beekeeper Who Leaked EPA Documents: “I Don’t Think We Can Survive This Winter” (via Fast Company)

Theobald has been concerned about clothianidin since it was first released in 2003. The pesticide is a neonicotinoid–a type of insecticide that disrupts the central nervous system of insects. Imidacloprid, the first neonicotinoid to be released in the U.S., came on the market in 1994, and began raising red flags soon after. France banned imidacloprid in 2003 due to concerns of bee die-off triggered by the substance.

Now the stakes are higher than ever. Tom Theobald’s honey crop this year is the smallest he’s seen in 35 years of beekeeping. “This is the critical winter for the beekeeping industry. I don’t think we can survive,” he says. “If the beekeeping industry collapses, it jeopardizes a third of American agriculture.”

Einstein was right – honey bee collapse threatens global food security (via Telegraph)
This recent article in The Telegraph reaches similar conclusions. Additionally it raises some interesting points:

The bee crisis has been treated as a niche concern until now, but as the UN’s index of food prices hits an all time-high in real terms (not just nominal) and grain shortages trigger revolutions in the Middle East, it is becoming urgent to know whether the plight of the honey bee risks further exhausting our already thin margin of food global security.

I wanted to seek out an expert opinion to weigh in on the various data, and give their own assessment of the impact of Clothiandin and neotiniconoid pesticides. So I reached out to Barbu Demian, a veteran chemist with over 30 years of experience. He shared his thoughts with us:

I’m not an expert in pesticides, but from reading this collection of documents I am inclined to consider the certification of the neonicotinoid insecticides a mistake. The actions in the UK House of Commons are very telling. A highly toxic compound, systemic and with a very long half-life is clearly an environmental major threat.

Are there any other scientists out there who want to add their opinions to this? We need more scientist to join in making there voices heard. It seems obvious that the responsible thing to do is, at the very least, immediately discontinue use of these dangerous chemicals until we know more about their affects.

To voice your concerns, contact:
EPA Administrator
Lisa P. Jackson
Ariel Rios Building, MC 1101A
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue N. W.
Washington, D. C. 20004

Headquarters Phone Number: 202-564-4700

General EPA Headquarters: 202-272-0167

email: jackson.lisa@epa.gov

Limited Edition Poca T-Shirt

My dog Poca aka “Dat Lil Bitch” aka Everyone’s favorite Boston Terrier is now featured on this exclusive t-shirt from Frank151.


The photo was take by New York based photographer Craig Wetherby and was featured in Frank Chapter 32 – The Jet Set Book.

Order yours today!

Active Resistance

“Our journey to find art will show that art gives culture and that culture is the antidote to propaganda.”
Active Resistance to Propaganda
Reading List

Active Resistance to Propaganda
Manifesto by Vivienne Westwood


On December 31, 2005, to reflect on the coming New Year, designer Kallen Yan, my associate Seb and myself,  teamed up to produce a limited edition zine entitled “We’re All Going to Die”. The publication explored a range of our feelings and observations about the world, and where things might be heading. Articles included RFID tracking of humans, Chemtrails, 2012, Free Energy and also featured the layout below which depicted our sentiments about the state of the environment.
In light of the recent media attention given to mysterious bird and fish deaths, I felt the range of information covered within “We’re All Going to Die” was worthy of re-examining, and have decided to re-release this zine in downloadable PDF format.

Please, lets all try our best to protect and respect this planet.

Visit Independentertainmenterprises.com to download.


Turn Your Blackberry into a Crackberry!
Presented here for your enjoyment is a free Crackberry background for your Blackberry devices created by artist (and world renowned sneaker customizer) Jordan Price.


Download the hi-res PDF here


“I am back like cooked crack yup
even my connect asked me how I cooked that up”
-Juelz Santana

Back Story:
Sometime ago when I got my Blackberry, I commissioned the very talented artist Jordan Price aka Cool Jor – http://cooljor.com – to create a custom Crackberry background. My long-term goal was to actually produce a full on Blackberry theme, with a full range of icons, ring tones (brick cellphone anyone?), etcetera. However this proved difficult, as it required a bit more knowledge of coding than I had anticipated. I still got great enjoyment out of this theme, as it remained my background for the entire time I was using my Blackberry (now I’m on Droid).

Now we present it to you, for your consumption. Oh, and don’t even think of using this artwork or any elements for commercial purposes without paying Jor. All Rights Reserved to the original artist. It probably wouldn’t be a bad investment to buy one of Jor’s paintings or prints now, especially in light of his recent work with Murakami’s studio.

Download the hi-res PDF here

Summer Vacation in North Korea

My colleague Edward Mears of Dentsu Sports America decided to take a trip to North Korea this past summer. He was nice enough to take some time to share his photos along with thoughts on propaganda / advertising and creativity in the DPRK.

You can check out the Flickr set of Edward’s trip to North Korea here. Full interview after the jump.

“Over my summer vacation I was lucky enough to travel to North Korea, the most secretive and reclusive nation on earth, and a land devoid of corporate advertising (the non-political kind at least). It was one of the most fascinating and unforgettable trips I have ever taken… While it is certainly true that North Korea is one of the most repressive governments of the modern era, there were some slivers of creativity that I found…”

How did you end up in North Korea?
I minored in Korean studies during university and have always had an interest in the politics/history of the Korean peninsula.  I have made it over to South Korea numerous times, but have always been curious about life up in the North. Furthermore, I really wanted to form my own opinions about North Korea and I have always felt that there is nothing more immersive or informative than first hand experience.

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