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Diaries of a Groomzilla

A friend passed this on: “please (please) read these.

cant say who, but one of my best friends was tapped by deep glamour’s blog to create “diaries of a groomzilla”, documenting a true diva’s gay wedding experience, from planning to execution.

if i were the back cover of his hypothetical book (cased in patent […]

Project Icarus

Commodified Revolution

Art shouldn’t be soft, it needs that competitive edge. That’s why the most aggressive forms of expression have emerged as a response to the times we live in. People have always been drawn to the ideal that through sheer talent and grit and determination, one will rise up out of the masses to take the […]

It Ain’t Trickin’ If You Got It?

These days a few rappers have been rapping the phrase “it ain’t tricking if you got it”. Here is a list of recent songs that contain this utterance.

Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”:“And it ain’t trickin if you got it,But you like a bitch with no ass, you ain’t got shit”

Lil Wayne’s “Got Money”:“Bitch ain’t […]

Solar Powered Generator

My Goal Is…

To generate a lot of goodwill by giving advice that will help people live happier lives… that’s why I’m always giving out so much unsolicited advice.

Learn How To Make A F#*%ing Ice Coffee

To all the coffee shops out there that need to step their game up, this message is for you.

It’s really tough in LA to find a good iced coffee. Maybe most people out there haven’t ever had a good iced coffee, so they don’t know the difference. In fact, most places don’t really seem […]


It seems like the skull is more popular than ever as a design element. From fashion to street art, the skull has become a ubiquitous icon. It got me thinking, why is the skull so popular these days? If you look back at it’s history, it seems to be a symbol with grim connotations. The […]