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Turn Your Blackberry into a Crackberry!
Presented here for your enjoyment is a free Crackberry background for your Blackberry devices created by artist (and world renowned sneaker customizer) Jordan Price.


Download the hi-res PDF here


“I am back like cooked crack yup
even my connect asked me how I cooked that up”
-Juelz Santana

Back Story:
Sometime ago when I got my Blackberry, I commissioned the very talented artist Jordan Price aka Cool Jor – http://cooljor.com – to create a custom Crackberry background. My long-term goal was to actually produce a full on Blackberry theme, with a full range of icons, ring tones (brick cellphone anyone?), etcetera. However this proved difficult, as it required a bit more knowledge of coding than I had anticipated. I still got great enjoyment out of this theme, as it remained my background for the entire time I was using my Blackberry (now I’m on Droid).

Now we present it to you, for your consumption. Oh, and don’t even think of using this artwork or any elements for commercial purposes without paying Jor. All Rights Reserved to the original artist. It probably wouldn’t be a bad investment to buy one of Jor’s paintings or prints now, especially in light of his recent work with Murakami’s studio.

Download the hi-res PDF here